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Canoe Tripping Gear and Kit for Eastern Canada

The main thing to remember when acquiring new gear is resist the urge to get every new gadget on the market. Shopping is fun but unless you want a whole garage full of stuff you never use it is best to stick to the basics. Some gear is timeless and is just as useful today as it was one hundred years ago. Other gear has a limited life expectancy or a limited usefulness. Why do you need to buy three different knives for camping? Is there one that will work for everything? That is one of the many questions I routinely ask myself as I attempt to reduce my kit bag down to only the most essential items. Why portage more weight than you have to or add to the weight of your canoe when running rapids? Some items are just nice to have along though and there is nothing wrong with the occasional luxury.   Canoes
Storage and Portage Packs
Camp Tools
Fire Lighting equipment
The Kitchen
Boots and Shoes
Canoe Transport