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Hats in the world of canoeing have less to do with common sense or function than they do a personal statement of complete and utter lunacy. I have about a dozen or so hats but only a select few are worthy of being called canoe hats. A canoe hat either keeps heat in or keeps the rain and sun out, beyond that it should be as goofy and foolish as possible. Below are a few photos of great canoe hats.


It is worth noting that it is always better to look stupid than to wind up with sunburn or frostbitten ears on a trip. I cannot imagine walking out of the house without a hat on but then the idea of skin cancer does not appeal to me in the least bit either. In the colder months most of your body heat will be lost through the top of your head so no matter what time of year a hat is one of your more important pieces of gear or kit.


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