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Tim's Algonquin Park Spam-Burgers
Buy the Canadian or U.K. Spam instead of the U.S. stuff, The respective Departments of Agriculture are more strict.
Slice to desired thickness.
Place on cooking grill or sharp stick.
Cover with your favorite barbeque sauce, If you have no barbeque sauce approximate some with two ketchup packs, a pack of vinegar and some peanut butter.
Cook until crispy on the outside.
Add to a tortilla, pita, bread, or a bread like substance.
Add condiments and extras if you posses them.
Drink plenty of water as it is fairly high in sodium. In spite of being a mystery meat that has been around since the war years it is not too bad when served in tortilla bread. It is a bit heavy if you bring a lot but is a good survival food because of the fat content.
Burn your cans to eliminate any smell so the bears do not follow you, crush them with your axe or a rock and pack them back out to the nearest garbage.

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