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Lloyd's Colon Cleaning Canoe Chili
Boil a full pot of water, your going to need it.
Add 1 part of dehydrated kidney beans.
Add 1 part of dehydrated black turtle beans.
Cook until soft and tasty, add water if needed.
Add 1 part Soy based Bulk Barn vegetarian chili mix.
Add water if necessary as chili mix soaks up water..
Add chili powder or spice pack to taste and stir.
Cook until the consistency of mud and serve. Keep warm for the next few days. May look revolting but that is just the black from the turtle beans. Feeds many. Will also leave digestive system clean and shiny. Although this is not as tasty as the Cowboy Chili made from canned goods it can be made completely from dehydrated ingredients. Since it takes so long to hydrate the beans to soften them enough to eat, this is best used as a meal on a day that you are wind bound or otherwise will not be traveling. I usually start it early in the morning to be ready for early evening.


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