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Schoodic: The boundary waters of St. Croix


Diggity Stream

Canoes at Diggity Stream

Tim and Lynn on Diggity Stream

Diggity Stream Campsite

Diggity Stream Cairn

Lloyd Solo at Diggity

Tim Sailing at Diggity

Tim and Lynn

North lake put in

Campsite Blueberry point

Sunset East Grand Lake

Spruce point East Grand Lake

Spruce point East Grand Lake

Pine tree on a rock East Grand Lake

Hitch-hiker East Grand Lake

Mud Lake Falls

A Portage trail you do not want to miss

View from the bottom of Mud Lake Falls portage 300M

Mud Lake Falls

Mud Lake Falls

Mud Lake Falls

Whitewater below Mud Lake Falls

Whitewater below Mud Lake Falls

Splash from the turtle that got away

Granite boulders that cover the lake system

Solo on Spednic lake

A family of ducks

Cruising into the Ledges campsite

The Ledges campsite

Taking notes for future reference

Dead Moose, actually there is a live one across the shore on the right side...

Solo cruising around Todd Island

Giant stump off Todd Island

Lord of the Rings "Shelob" on Todd Island

Birds at the Canadian boarder crossing St. Croix

Walkers cove

Walkers cove

For my Scottish friends

 Bill Goodman point

"... the Sprig of acacia found blooming at the head of the grave, we are reminded of that far better..."

Rain can't stop the fun

Leaving Todd Island in the morning mist

Hunter agrees, navigation by GPS in the mist is the only way to get home

A misty Billy Semple Island

Visibility is about 300M

English Cove East Grand lake

Paterson point campsite East Grand lake

Birch island campsite Maine

The ledges campsite

 Lower Todd Island

The tourists build these??? Now the people will know we were here.

The coast of Maine

Todd island in the mist

Into the mist

A misty Palfrey lake

Unloading the canoe

Unloading the canoe

Loaded for home

Trip map 111.6 kilometers