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England with Family


More Flying, boy are my arms tired

My Family's neighborhood

Just outside Etwall

So; where is the ejection seat?

Bakewell Bridge on the Wye

Froggat Edge

Froggat Edge rocks

Ian and Jeanette

Froggat Edge path

Froggat Edge drop off

Froggat Edge fields

Lloyd and Jeanette on Froggat Edge

Froggat Edge fields and stone walls

Froggat Edge

 Jeanette at Froggat Edge

Peveril Castle

View at Peveril Castle

Another view from Peveril Castle

Peveril Castle wall

Peveril Castle keep

Peveril Castle keep and wall

Peveril Castle outer wall

View from Peveril Castle

Peveril Castle wall and grounds

Peveril Castle keep

Peveril Castle wall and tower

Peveril Castle lawn mowers

Peveril Castle from inside keep

Through the pass

Further into the pass

The other side

Further in the other side

Inside the crazy monks cave

Outside the crazy monks cave

Neolithic stone circle

Stone walls

Carved cross

More sheep

Ian in the Peak District

Yet more Sheep


and trees

Neolithic Barrow Mound

Neolithic Barrow Mound from the stone circle... and more sheep

Church yard in Etwall

Jeanette and more sheep. Oh cows... They do have them after all.

Back garden critters

Viaduct on the train journey north to Scotland